Dave Hill's autobiography "My story"

"Hi, it's Dave here, from Slade.


Over the years, when people hear stories about my life, they always say: 'Write it down, Dave!'


So, I've written my autobiography for you, my fans, and for my family, especially my grandkids. I turned seventy this year and for fifty of those years Slade have been a major part of my life. It seems the right time to finally to share my story with you. I've got plenty of funny tales but also some others which show that my life hasn't been all rock 'n' roll.


Most of all, I wanted to tell it as it is, and tell it my way, that's why I'm publishing my book with Unbound.
Slade's success didn't happen overnight but boy, were we big when we took off! We had 23 top twenty hits and six number one singles. Three of these went straight to the number one spot - a first, not even matched by The Beatles. Topping it all was 'Merry Xmas Everybody', which sold over one million copies. We also had six smash LPs, and one time had the number one and two spots on the LP chart. All this made Slade the biggest band in the UK in the 70s, and we were massive all over the world, too.


Slade had some great years but fashions change and the break-up of the original band was heartbreaking. I thought that would be it for me.


I battled through depression and got over a stroke, and decided to carry on doing the thing which I do best: I went back on the road with Slade. I've seen more of the world, and more fans, in the last twenty-five years than I did when the band were at their most famous.
I'll always be the boy from Wolverhampton, where I still live, with my wife of over forty years, surrounded by my kids and grandkids. I'm also still Dave Hill, Superyob, rocking the world with Slade!





Many musicians have cited Slade as an influence, including grunge bands Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins, punk and indie pioneers the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, the Undertones and the Clash, heavy metal acts such as Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard and Quiet Riot and rock groups including Cheap Trick and Oasis.

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Dave Hill explains and plays chords of Merry Xmas Everybody:


Slade 1966-1991 Dave Hill, Noddy Holder, Jim Lea and Don Powell...1992 Slade II K.O.R.

"Slade Decades" is our hobby Slade website dedicated to the finest group in the history of British rock music, and their loyal followers. Slade's story started in 1966 and has continued through the decades: 25 years as the legendary Slade line-up Dave Hill, Noddy Holder, Jim Lea and Don Powell. In 1992 Nod and Jim stopped recording and touring with Slade, but Dave and Don put up the new Slade (II) line-up at the end of 1992 and have been touring and keeping the Slade spirit live ever since.


In spite of the name of our Slade website we won't concentrate on decades gone past, but more or less we want to share our information of the group today to the friends of Slade.


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